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Comparing Robs Us

Things will be going along. There is contentment, a type of surrendering peace, purpose, happiness and then one day we pause. Maybe we look at the smiles of the other couple too long . . . . Next thing you know, we are putting our relationship under a microscope, looking at every tiny and perceived …

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Victimhood no more!

Some people just really want the dramatic story to continue. I mean I’ve been guilty of it! Like how many more stories can I add to the “this happened to me” saga? It’s real.  Things do happen. But in every moment, we have a choice to change our perspective, our beliefs, our truth, our reality …

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Snow Magic

Flip it!

If you have ever taught or observed a teacher in action, you will find that in most moments the instructor is reminding students to pay attention, sit in their seat, stop talking, try harder, do better. Notice, where is the focus? It is very natural to ignore all of the many things going right and …

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REWIND, Create a New Story

Many of us have an experience. And in that experience, we determine if we want to experience it again. We make a statement about it and we create a story that determines our path ever after. Let me give you a personal example. I once tried a yoga class. It was so hard and rigorous …

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love makes the world go round

Find your people

If you feel uncomfortable and not really accepted in a group you are a part of, you may just not be with your people. I have felt like an outcast, not a part of, for most of my life. Sure, some of that has to do with self esteem and confidence and doing the work …

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Flower Release

Use the anger

Anger channeled appropriately is one of the most powerful forces out there! Many times in my life, I have found myself hitting a brick wall. I have felt lost, impatient, and righteously pissed off. Some of those times, I have remembered to take that anger and flip it. Alone, I might find myself screaming “Enough, …

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wild flowers

Love or Drama

I once took a graduate course in Public Speaking. I remember a woman in my class going up to the podium to present her topic. And I remember her getting very quiet…she froze. You know…the kind of fear based blank out you can experience in front of a large audience? I have had my moments, …

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peace at lake

Create a new reality today

Create a new story about yourself today. Rehearse a new way of being, living, experiencing. See the door open, watch yourself step through the door and not look back. If rain used to make you depressed, today it makes you smile. Splashing in the puddles, smelling the richness of the earth, you realize that everything …

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