New Year 2022

In a time filled with division, fear and illness, let’s focus our New Year on what we wish to see in the world as opposed to focusing on what we don’t want.

It is easy to get into a head space listing ones grievances, what is wrong with the world and in our lives. It takes effort to actively switch from focusing on our problems to focusing on a solution. However, that IS when real change happens, when life’s synchronicities align leading us on our path. Let’s pay attention to the little messages nudging us, whispering to us on our shoulder. If we are stuck on the problem, however,  we might miss the answer.

So if it’s about a relationship, affirm with feeling and knowing that the solution comes easily and effortlessly. Love leads. Love guides. Affirm this often, with feeling and knowing, then get out of your way and pay attention to where it leads.

If it’s about health, no longer focus on what is wrong. There are many movements against illness and disease. There are charities. People walk for the cause. People give to the cause. People pray against the illness and fight the disease. Instead, take all of that energy . . . all of it (including our anger), and focus on health. Let’s walk for health. Pray for health. Let’s affirm and feel with every ounce of our being: Our cells are healthy. Our organs are healthy. Our mind is sharp and clear (which I affirm a lot). You get the picture. 

If it’s about work, go back to when you were younger. Before everyone told you who and what you are. What made your heart sing? Then affirm: The right opportunity comes to me easily and effortlessly for my highest and greatest good. I am open to change.

If it’s about politics or global concerns, instead of focusing on all that is wrong, try and imagine a loving and peaceful world. Sure, it sounds cliche. But when we focus on what we want or wish to see, we will experience or observe more of it. We will also be led in a direction that can create change in the world. Feel the peace and love…it starts with us.

There is no out there, only a reflection of what’s in here. Cheers to creating a beautiful story for the upcoming year.

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