You, Me, We

Do you remember the story of the boy who was taught to fear strangers that when “strangers” were trying to rescue him in the woods, he hid?

How many articles have you read to stay away from “toxic people” and “narcissists?”

There is such a level of us vs them (division) in our world we often miss the beauty of what “others” can teach us. 

Labeling ourselves and labeling others creates this division, fear and the illusion of being separate.

We are all made out of the same stuff. We may differ in our beliefs and what makes us unique but we are each the master of our own ship.  Each experience can create valuable lessons, insight and growth if we allow it. We cannot always see the big picture but we can trust in a part of us (i.e. greater self, spirit, etc.) who can.

I have found that disliking something in another brings to our awareness something we do not like in ourselves.  That’s a clue of something that needs healing. Are we so perfect? Have we never been a “toxic person” to ourselves or another before?

Let us let go of the labels.  Let’s focus on what we wish to see in our world. In each experience look within at what needs healing. As we forgive, heal and love ourselves, it is much easier to do with others. This brings wholeness, lightness and a raising of our vibration. This is where the magic happens and our world becomes beautiful.

There are so many healing modalities out there. Pick those that call to you.   Some that have worked in my life are:

Soul Retrieval
Energy clearing
Mirror work

Shine on!

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