Anxiety: I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe. . .

Breathe they say.

So I try.

Sometimes another tack is needed.

Today I got down on my hands and knees and played with my dog, puppy style, in the back yard. It’s a joyful experience for us both. I usually find myself laughing as the kid in me comes out to play.

Then, as my dog got bored and moved away with her bone, my eyes fell to the blades of grass below. I noticed the feeling of ground beneath my body and observed how each blade looked. Most were bright green with many of the ends slightly brown. I looked closely and noticed a whole other world happening right there. Sometimes I noticed movement and my eyes darted quickly as I studied the creature. It was fascinating and there I sat, taking notice of it all.

I find that truly being present brings sanity and contentment back into my experience.

I watched a wonderful video today. It talked about noticing, feeling then choosing. Not escaping . . . but surrendering to the present moment, as it is. 

No matter how uncomfortable we may feel, notice, feel the feeling, then choose.

It worked for me today.

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