Change was in the air. Felt it, knew it and took steps to set things in motion. At the same time, I was not clear with what was next. I felt I had jumped off a cliff and wasn’t sure where I’d land. But ya know? As we get older, it gets easier to be authentic and share our truth in each moment, even as it changes every single day.

When speaking truth, it allows the right action for us and it allows right action for others. Doors might open for others that hadn’t been there prior. We do a disservice to everyone when we live an inauthentic life.

One thing that can help with clarity is releasing specifics about what you want. We sometimes limit ourselves when we put our focus on the detailed outcome instead of a more general feeling state. How would you feel if you were living the dream? What is your mission…generally? Allow the details to unfold naturally as you put your focus on the feeling state you desire.

For me, putting things in motion, taking one step, helped me gain more clarity about my direction. Sometimes we don’t know who we are until we first experience who we are not.  I’m still unclear in some ways but I trust the process of my life. As my wise mentor, Kay Shinol, has always said, “You can’t do it wrong.”

What I do know is that in each moment we have the power to choose how we show up in the world. We can focus on the problem or the solution. We can appreciate and feel love or fear. As I share with my students, we have the power to focus on our coach or inner critic. Who do you listen to? Who do you want to listen to?

Bring it on! I know who I’m listening to today!

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