Back to the Beginning

Last year, after a health issue and surgery, I realized something needed to change. I put in my resignation as SEL Specialist/MTSS Behavior Coordinator and jumped. But not too far.

My son had just graduated college. I was proud yet wistful. How had he grown up so fast? I went to his graduation and listened to the keynote speaker, Marc V.Patrick. I remember really resonating with what he shared. He talked about change in his own life and how he left a successful career. However, he talked about the winding path that led him to eventually going back to the company, but in a different role.

I felt the universe was speaking directly to me.

Realizing I didn’t have much more to go before I could retire, it seemed ridiculous to throw it away and not hang in there. I knew what job I would prefer (return to PE) but the job was already taken. **Side note: I wrote a memoir on how I became a PE teacher and my journey in healing.

Through the whole process, I was open and honest with myself and others. I knew that being authentic opened doors.

A job came up. While it was not necessarily my forte, I went for it. I realized through this process that there was only one school I wanted to teach at so I accepted the job and trained during the summer. This, of course, was at the school I was going to leave. I decided to jump back up, landing in a different role. I was ready.

Then it got interesting. The week prior to starting school, they reached out and asked if I was interested in returning to PE. Apparently, the position had just become available and they knew how I felt. It felt to me like divine intervention. I was ecstatic and said a resounding YES!

To me, life has become more simple. I’ve often looked at what is directly in front of me, following the path of least resistance, and it’s generally worked out.

When I push for something and it appears to be unmoving, static, I turn my attention to what is. I then realize I have much more yet to learn.

I don’t need or want much these days. Simplicity and choosing joy and happiness on a daily basis is where it’s at. I do the HeartMath meditations every day and the peace, love and serenity continue to grow. I can’t complain.

Life is blessed. I am grateful daily for love and family, good health and well being. There is so much beauty when we look and notice. And that sometimes means turning out attention to other things.

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