For the New Year, create something new!!

For this New Year, think about the kind of life you want. Is it a healthy relationship, a working car, fulfilling work, a home to call your own, financial abundance, peace, love and joy? Pretend for a moment that there were no obstacles…that money was abundant. What would you be doing? Write it down if you want. If you feel so inspired, create a list and leave out the who and the how. Be prepared to get what you ask for so be clear it’s what you want. Go into the dream…picture it…now really feel it. Spend time every day feeling what it feels like to have what you desire. Jump for joy! Dance! And FEEL it! Then give thanks knowing that it is done! FEEL the gratitude. When a doubtful voice or negative thought comes into your awareness, notice it and then declare “I see you and I thank you but I am ready for _________. There were times in my life when I felt there was nothing to be thankful for and I had no energy to create…so I kept it simple. I gave thanks for a roof over my head. I gave thanks for running water. I gave thanks for food…and pretty soon I was feeling grateful and that FEELING allowed MORE into my life that I was thankful for. Are you ready to live your heart’s desire? Give it a try. Really, what do you have to lose? Old patterns maybe…

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