Trust your life plan

Many times in our lives we may find ourselves in situations that question all of our decisions. Then one day we may get an “Ah ha” moment that brings such clarity and understanding. Because of these gifts, I remind myself of this wisdom during uncomfortable times. I remind myself that in that one precious moment of decision, it felt right. So I choose to honor that, trust that, and I sit with the uncomfort as I choose to show up, day by day, keeping it real. The excitement and joy happens subtly and the confidence and trust in self grows. It’s easy to stay as-is even though gentle nudges are trying to get our attention. Change can be hard. But listen we must. Act we must. Or one day we wake up and realize we missed the boat. Get to know yourself. Trust yourself. Honor your nudges. Keep it about you and what you are choosing to do, or not do, and leave the blame game behind. Trust the process of your life. You are where you are supposed to be, right now. So, what do you choose?

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