Rescue Dog: It IS what it IS

My dog was recovering from being spayed. Because of some of her issues, especially not knowing how to be walked yet, we needed to keep her contained in a small room for 12 days. 

What the heck, I joined her.  She has pretty bad separation anxiety so I hunkered down next to her and set up space.

It was an interesting 12 days to say the least. One day an advertisement for a class by Eckhart Tolle appeared on my Facebook page. I was not up for a class at this time but, because it really called to me, I looked at some of his books he had written and decided to purchase A New Earth.

What a shift!

I’ve read a lot of spiritual books and I’ve read books similar to this. But sometimes it’s just not the right time. The words might make sense intellectually but it doesn’t really resonate into a feeling state. This time, however, what I read really resonated with me and I started to practice the concepts.

How much time I waste in my head thinking about the past, the future, and my redundant STORY. In addition, I compare, judge, wonder, dwell, obsess and … ENOUGH! You wonder why we have no energy or excitement or motivation. It has been sucked dry by the endless chatter of the mind.

The most freeing feeling I had was when I was stressing about some stuff and made a decision to practice what was taught in the book.  I looked right at it and said “it IS what it IS” and then I just started cracking up. It was one of the most freeing feelings I’ve had in a while!  

I was reminded that the amazing feeling I had 25 years ago when I meditated into a state of pure bliss, NEVER left me. It has always been there but I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in the human condition. I mean that’s fine and all – being human can be an amazing trip. But remembering that it really is just a trip, a story, nothing more, nothing less, helps remind us of our true essence. And entering into that state is freeing and magical.

Right now, I am fully present and it IS what it IS.  

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