Take a leap of faith!

It doesn’t have to be earth shattering. It doesn’t have to make you sick, this fear inducing, life altering change. It can be a little baby step, a conscious, self aware intent to make a change.

I will always remember the time I made a decision to move from Massachusetts to San Francisco. I was excited, full of adventure and I went to visit my sister to check it out, finalize plans and make it real!

Real is the word of the day!

When I arrived, the reality of it filled my body with dread and I started having second thoughts. I called a mentor who asked all the right questions. What is the point of moving? What outcome do you seek? When I explained what I wanted she declared “You can get all of that in Cambridge!” That sealed the deal and I knew what to do.  In the end, it worked out. My sister ended up moving to another country.

Oh, I’ve often wished I could be one of those people who take change in stride, yearn for it, love adventures and trek across the world!

Yeah, I’m not one of them. I’ve made peace with it.

Living an authentic life is knowing what you want and speaking with honesty in each moment. When we do that, it allows doors to open for us and those with whom we speak. Cliche I know but things do have a way of working out.

Our decisions don’t have to induce overwhelm. If it does, ease up and trust the process. Make a little change, ease into it. Show yourself some grace and acceptance. You would treat others this way. Let’s make it easy to be gentle with ourselves too.

We all have our strengths. Notice them, celebrate them and use them in a way that supports you and what you want. You can’t do it wrong.

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